Tools: Drop Preparation
We offer several options
to make sure that you have
the right tool for the job.
  Drop Cable Strippers
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  LDT596-250 Cablematic Drop Cable Stripper RG-6/59  
  LDT-6PL Cablematic Drop Cable Stripper RG6 Plenum  
  TRDS-6590 T-ReX Drop Cable Stripper RG-6/59  
  TRDS-1160 T-ReX Dual Drop Cable Stripper RG-11/6
  DDT-596/11 Cablematic Dual Drop Cable Stripper RG-11/6 - Pictured  
  UST-596 Jonard Drop Cable Stripper RG-6/59  
  SDT-596 Cablematic Drop Cable Stripper RG-6/59  
  Crimp Tools
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  CR-596B Cablematic Hex Crimp Tool .324/.262  
  CR-596Q Cablematic Hex Crimp Tool .384/.324  
  TRCT-596 T-ReX Hex Crimp Tool .324/.262  
  CR-596Q-R Cablematic Hex Crimp Tool .384/.324 - Ratchet  
  Compression Tools
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  C.A.T. Universal Cablematic Compression Tool w/ Universal Plunger Tip for RG-59/6 - Pictured  
  C.A.T.-AS Cablematic Compression Tool w/ Universal Plunger Tip for RG-59/6, 7, 11, with two sets of jaws.  
  TRCT-6 T-ReX Compression Tool for RG-59/6  
  TRTC-611 T-ReX Compression Tool for RG-6/11  
  CT-200 Jonard Compression Tool for RG-59/6, RCA & BNC  
  Torque Wrenches
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  TW-XX7-AHB Cablematic Torque Wrench Angled Head xx= 20,25,30,40 torque inch pounds  
  TWAF-71630 Jonard Torque Wrench Angled 7/16" 30in/lb  
  TW-227-RA Cablematic Torque Wrench Right Angle - Pictured  
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  RPTAAA Cablematic Premise Toner Drop Cable Continuity Tester  
  TRCC-596 T-ReX Cable Cutter for drop coaxial cable  
  S-200 Cablematic Security Shield Tool  
  TRSST T-ReX Security Shield Tool  
  TRSST-L T-ReX Security Shield Tool Long  
  TST716 Cablematic Trap Security Tool Combo  
  LTT-7 Cablematic Locking Terminating Tool  
  TRLTT-7 T-ReX Locking Terminating Tool  
  LTT-4 Cablematic Locking Terminating Tool  
  TRLTT-4 T-ReX Locking Terminating Tool  
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