Tools: Fiber Cleaning Products
We help you make sure your
glass and connections are clean.
  Cleaning Kits
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  CFK1010 Chemtronics Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit designed for Installation/Maintenance. Wet cleaning system includes a box of 200 QbE wipes, 5-ounce can of ElectrO-WasH PX Fiber Optic Cleaner, a tube of 50 2.5-mm cleaning swabs, 100 4"x 4" lint-free wipes, five ElectrO-WasH MX presaturated wipes and instructions in a blue ballistic nylon case.  
  FSK1000 Chemtronics Fusion Splice Prep Kit uses a "wet to dry" Combination Cleaning Process to clean ribbon, single glass and splice-on connectors. The FsW "aperatured" wipers (100ea) capture coating, cladding & gel residues. The FsP is a non-IPA solvent which will not attract moisture (like 9.99% IPA) and is delivered in a vertical aerosol. Percision swabs clean v-grooves, mirrors & lenses (100ea V-groove, 30ea mirror cleaning). The CP421 Electro-Wash MX Wipes (10ea) & 6704F wipes (100ea) are included. Organized in a zipper case.  
  CFK1201 Chemtronics Fiber End Face Cleaning Kit is the ideal solution to clean fiber end faces effectively every time. Featuring two portable Electro-Wash® MX Pens engineered for cleaning fiber optic connectors, splices and ribbons by removing soils, dust, oils and eliminating electrostatic deposits of airborne contaminants. Kit also includes 2.5mm (200), 1.25mm (15), and MT-Type (25) precision wipes, 6704F Lint Free Wipers (100), CP421 presaturated wipers for gel removal (10), and a pQbE® cleaning platform organized in a case.  
  Cleaning Wipes
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  FSP100DRY Chemtronics Aperatured Wipes for Splice Prep 100ct  
  QbE Chemtronics Fiber Optic Clean Wipes 200ct  
  F1000 Miller Lint Free Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes  
  CP421 Chemtronics Electro Wash - Presaturated Wipes 25ct  
  pQbE Chemtronics pQbE Pocket Precision Fiber Wipes 200ct  
  Cleaning Swabs
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  48042F Chemtronics 2.5mm Fiber Optic Cleaning swabs 50ct  
  25123X Chemtronics 1.25mm Fiber Optic Cleaning Swabs 100ct  
  51125F Chemtronics Fusion Splice Lens Swab 15ct  
  Cassette Style Cleaners
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  F01 Hellermann Cassette Fiber Clean - 400 Cleans per Unit  
  6437 US Conec Cassette Fiber Clean - 400 Cleans per Unit  
  8057 US Conec Cassette Fiber Clean - for FTTx Worksites 400+ Cleanings  
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