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  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  BOTX-ZPON-xxx BroadStar Externally modulated 1550nm Optical Transmitter, dual outputs, available in various configurations
  BOA-MPEDFA-58XXA-8/16 BroadStar Multiport EDFA, 1RU, 8 and 16 outputs, several combinations available up to 800mW
  BOA-MPEDFA-58XXB-31 BroadStar Multiport EDFA, 2RU, 32 outputs, several combinations available up to 1000mW
  BORX-RFOG-RET8 BroadStar 8 way return receiver, 1RU, compatible with EPON/GEPON, GPON, BPON, DPON, supports Docsis 3.0 upstream bound with PON design
  BON-RFOG-1513 BroadStar RFoG ONU Burst Mode w/Power Supply, 5-42/54-1000Mhz, 1550nmFWD and 1310nmREV
  BON-RFOG-1516 BroadStar RFoG ONU Burst Mode w/Power Supply, 5-42/54-1000Mhz, 1550nmFWD and 1610nmREV
  BON-QBRFOG-4356 BroadStar RFoG ONU w/Power Supply Burst Mode Quad Band 1550nm/1610nm & 1310nm/1490nm, 5-42-52/1000Mhz w/GEPON-GPON Pass through port
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  Ethernet Switches Optical Splitters Optical Attenuators Face Plates
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