Cables: Mini Coax
Several Colors available
to helptake control of your
Headend or Hub
  Mini-Coax from VIEWTEQ provides excellent electrical performance to 3GHz. Available in a variety of colors, the VTBMC42 is easy to deploy, has a minimum bend radius of 1.5 inches and structural return loss of 17dB at 3GHz. It is manufactured with a solid copper 23 AWG center conductor, 100% shield and 90% braid coverage and is available in 1,000 ft reels.  
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  VTBMC-42-WH ViewTEQ Mini Coax - White 1000' Reels  
  VTBMC-42-RD ViewTEQ Mini Coax - Red 1000' Reels  
  VTBMC-42-BL ViewTEQ Mini Coax - Blue 1000' Reels
  VTBMC-42-GR ViewTEQ Mini Coax - Green 1000' Reels  
  VTBMC-42-YL ViewTEQ Mini Coax - Yellow 1000' Reels
  VTBMC-42-BK ViewTEQ Mini Coax - Black 1000' Reels
  VTBMC-42-PP ViewTEQ Mini Coax - Purple 1000' Reels
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  VMC-RG-59 ViewTEQ Mini Crimp Connector  
  VMCRCAN ViewTEQ Mini RCA Connector  
  VTMSCT ViewTEQ Mini Coax Stripper Tool  
  VTCTMC ViewTEQ Mini Conn. Crimp Tool  
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