Industrial Ethernet
Environmentally Hardened
products for harsh environments.
  Industrial Media Converters  
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  SM-065-1800 SIGNAMAX 10/100 to 100FX Industrial DIN-rail Mt. - Media Converter  
  SM-065-189x SIGNAMAX Gigabit Ethernet Industrial DIN Rail Mt. - Media Converter  
  SM-065-1896SFPTB SIGNAMAX 10/100/1000 Base T/Tx to 1000 Base SFP Media Converter
  SM-0651062AFSX SIGNAMAX Serial data to Fiber Media Converter RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 
  Industrial Switches  
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  SM-0657714+SFPTB SIGNAMAX 12-Port 10/100 Industrial managed switches + 2-SFP/RJ-45, Dual Media Ports (6 Port model also available)                 
  SM-065-77xxHPOEP SIGNAMAX 10/100 Industrial DIN-rail Mt. PoE = managed switch  
  SM-065-74xx SIGNAMAX 10/100 Industrial DIN-rail Mt. unmanaged switch - 5 port, 8 port & 9 port available
  SM-065-7405CTB SIGNAMAX 10/100 Industrial DIN-rail Mt. PoE unmanaged switch  
  SM-065-740xCTB SIGNAMAX 5 and 8 port 10/100 compact unmanaged switch  
  Industrial Power Supply  
  Part Number Manufacturer Description  
  SM-DC-1824 SIGNAMAX 24VDC DIN-rail Mt. industrial power supply  
  SM-DC-1848 SIGNAMAX 48VDC DIN-rail Mt. industrial power supply  
  SM-065-18TR SIGNAMAX 19" DIN-rail rack for Hardened Industrial products
  Headend RF Distribution Optical Actives Cables
Analog Amps - Indoor Fiber Transport Coaxial
  CMTS Amps - Outdoor Nodes Fiber
  Digital Amps - Plug-in RFOG UTP
  Racks Connectors Mini Coax
    Hardline Passives Outside Optical Passives  
  Network Connectivity HeatShrink Tubing Service Cables Subscriber
  Media Converters   Splice Closures Cable Modems
  Cross Connect Systems Headend Optical Passives Optical Splitters Drop Connectors
  Ethernet Switches Optical Splitters Optical Attenuators Face Plates
  Industrial Ethernet Patch Panels Terminal Boxes Indoor Splitters
  Patch Systems Patch Cords   Install Accessories
  Patch Cords      
    Test & Measurement    
  Tools Power and Multimeters    
  Install RF Test Equipment    
  Fiber Prep Fiber Test Equipment    
  Fiber Cleaning      
  Hardline Prep      
  Hand Tools      
  Power Tools      
  RJ-45 / Cat      
  Splicing Products      
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